Regional Update

The Potteries and South Cheshire branch of the MG Owners Club

Here we are at the end of a chilly February, anticipating a good year of events, and days out, and we have some good ones planned, but who knows what may happen – in 2019 the rains came along and spoiled so many events, this year we have the “virus” who knows how this is going to impact on vast gatherings of people at shows, it is definitely going to be a “suck it and see year” for us all.

The shows we are attending in April (hopefully), we start at Foxfield Railway on the 5th, followed by the big one at Weston Park on the 12th then Motorfest on the 19th and we can’t forget we have Drive it Day on the 26th – all hopefully snow free and bathed in sunshine (that’s the strange yellow ball that occasionally appears in the sky, in case you had forgotten).

Our club is trying something new this year starting in March, a coffee morning on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, very informal and just a get together for members – the April coffee morning is taking place at Goostrey Home and Leisure CW4 8HE         

Our ever popular Charity Road Run will be taking place again in 2020 on the first Sunday in September (6th) book your place now to make sure you don’t miss out, forms are available via our website.     

Any MG is welcome at this club, new or old, and if you enjoy your MG and want to have some fun, make a date to come and meet us all, either at a show or at our club night – we are a friendly group who enjoy having some fun with our cars


If you like what you are reading here – why not browse our website and read more about the events we have enjoyed in 2019 (major update coming soon) and 2018 – plenty of photographs as well.